Building history

BeatoHub – Largo do Olival

This building was renovated and carefully designed to adapt to the different needs of today’s traveller either as a digital nomad, business traveller and/or a family. The building is located in a very friendly square surrounded by an curious residential area that allows you to experience the local life as it is. Located steps away from Beato Creative Hub and others sought after co-working spots this will be the ideal starting point for you.

Beato is one of the oldest districts in Lisbon, its borders guarding the riches of a world apart. It’s a place of ancient farms and regal mansions and buildings, such as the Convento do Beato, among the most important in Lisbon’s heritage. This convent is a sought-after venue for various events. Residents in this neighbourhood know their area well, enjoying their quiet district that sits next to the Tejo river.

Such prime location has the potential to be harnessed, with projects in recent years aimed at improving overall quality of life, preserving Beato’s past while renewing its urbanising momentum. Recently the ambitious project of Hub Criativo do Beato has promised to be a small world within Lisbon where entrepreneurship and innovation prevail. Its main core is the creative spaces and companies, but there will also be auditoriums, supermarkets, food and drink spaces, experimental areas and exhibitions.

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